Why Invest In Real Estate?

There are four great reasons why any sophisticated investor would have real estate as part of his/her investment portfolio:

  • Leveragability
  • Positive Cash Flow
  • Combat Inflation
  • Diversification


Real Estate is a "hard asset" which makes financing easy. This means you can benefit from owning the asset with only having to put down part of the purchase price. And even better yet, you can get the down payment from equity you have in your own home and can deduct the interest you pay on your line of credit off your income taxes!! 

Positive Cash Flow

Real Estate can be cash generating investment, especially when treated like a business. Watching the market for rent increases, monitoring expenses and filling the property with the proper tenant can all lead to better returns and more cash in your pocket.

Combat Inflation

In times of inflation, when purchasing power is declining, individuals as well as investors seek "hard" or "real" assets to maintain wealth. Real Estate is an excellent vehicle to hedge against inflation as its value increases at least as much as (and historically more than) the rate of inflation.


As part of any portfolio, real estate allows you to reduce the risk by holding real assets. You can also diversify by holding real estate in different areas that vary by economic class. Finally, within one city, you can purchase multiple building or different building types to diversify within the same asset class.


Why Leduc?

Known as the living city with the right connections, Leduc has become the dominant economic base in the region. Energy, agriculture, advance manufacturing, environment and transportation make the Leduc Region a region built on economic diversity. The following are just a few highlights of the area.


Rapid Growth

From 2006 to 2008 the city has grown from 16,967 to 20,529 (21%) and by 2018 is expected to grow up to 24,861. That would represent a growth of over 47% between the years of 2006 to 2018. With such a strong economic development Leduc should provide investors with fantastic cash flow and tremendous equity appreciation over the next decade.


It is located 33 kilometers south of the provincial capital of Edmonton and is part of the Edmonton Capital Region metropolitan area. Leduc is strategically located in the Capital Region and offers rail connections between the Capital Region and the expanding deep water port at Prince Rupert, British Columbia. This promises to secure lasting trade linkages between the Prairie Provinces and the Asia Pacific region.


Leduc is strategically located on the CANAMEX Trade Corridor linking the multi-billion dollar Alberta Oil sands projects through Canada, the United States and Mexico. Its strategic location and diverse economy have been major factors in its growth.

Increasing Rent

Rental demand in Leduc has remained strong and vacancies have dropped, which can provide investors with fantastic cash flow and equity appreciation opportunities... if they do the extra little bit of due diligence before purchasing an investment property.


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