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Stop wasting money on rent

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The average Albertan spends over $100,000 in rent in their lifetime. 

Between saving up for down payments and managing less than perfect credit, home ownership is out of reach for many Leduc families. 

Renting is expensive, and you can't get that money back.

I'm here to help.

Average Price of Rent PeR Year:


(per $1500/month rent)

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Average (4.6%) Increase in home value / year


(per $250,000 home)

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Total cost of renting.

per year: 


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Born and raised in Leduc, I know how expensive it can be to rent a nice, clean home here. I am committed to working with families to get you into your own home, on your terms-- whether you're new to Canada, experiencing divorce, have bad credit, or are struggling with  other circumstances.

Tarah Flynn

Rent To Own Leduc President

How Does It Work? 


Click here to request more information on renting to own a home.

You'll be asked for your email address and phone number - which I keep 100% confidential - and I'll be in touch to answer your questions. 



Tell me about your situation.

After we talk, I'll send you an application form, which will give me the details I need to help get you into a rent to own home. 



I'll work with you to find a perfect home.

Bad credit, incomplete deposit... no worries! I'm committed to helping you and your family get into your own rent to own home.


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